Thursday, July 12, 2012

Preschooler with the "POOTER"

Jack Vale who invented the pooter is a hilarious guy,watch this video!lmao

A nice picnic/bbq

This would be a great picnic/bbq!

What would you do with 67 bags of ICE?

Why would someone steal 67 bags of ice?
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Watch out for the shark!


Oh here's another "NAKED" man in todays news! This one is in Miami Florida!

Omg! Another naked man in the news,this one ate a guys stomach!
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Another "NAKED" man in the news!This story from Brunswick Maine!

Just another story about a "NAKED" man in the news!Why would someone go into a port-a-potty toilet?
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New youtube videos added

Videos of trip to beaches in Massachusetts on 7/10/2012

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102zzz Breast size?

Hrmmmm are these real?,b=facebook