Saturday, November 24, 2012

RIP Freddie Mercury from Queen

On this date in 1991,we lost a great singer and musician Freddie Mercury,may he RIP always,Queen was a great band,ty for the music Freddie!
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

People in line at Best Buy and other stores for black friday

So as I always have my twitter open with #tweetdeck, I have been watching a #hashtag called #inlineatbestbuy. I have been watching this hash tag for a few days,alls i can say is people are crazy camping out in front of stores for black friday,but they do get good deals. A store will advertise an item on sale,like real cheap but in the fine print they usually say QUANTITY 5 or whatever quantity that store has. So if you can get a tv for real cheap and the store only has 5,how pissed off are you if you are the 6th person to ask for that cheap tv???? I'D BE PISSED! LOL
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Christmas music

Happy Holidays 2012!Listen to non stop christmas music online now via!
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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanskgivng to all in USA!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If Hostess brands shuts down look!

This is what will be gone if Hostess and tiwnkies closes!LOOK at pics of awesome food!
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Whats wrong here????

"Woman Charged For Allegedly Having Sex With Skeleton In Sweden"
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Football is more important than.....

"Woman punches boyfriend in the face after he says he'd rather watch football than have sex with her"
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Things that can happen when your "NAKED"

LOL@this>>> James Albert Kimrey, Naked Man, Falls Through North Carolina Church Roof: Police
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"Churchgoers found a sign from above when they arrived at their North Carolina congregation on Sunday -- a hole in the ceiling. But in this case the man upstairs turned out to be a naked transient who fell through the ceiling at the Resurrection International Church in HIckory, according to the Hickory Daily Record."

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hostess sucks!

#Hostess #Twinkies #devildogs #ringdings #hohos #zingers #drakes #wonderbread #wonder and all other hostess products will be missed by millions! LOL

Monday, November 12, 2012

Kitten is BUSTED!

Busted!Lol caught my kitten in xmas tree today!

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Happy holidays 2012

Heres a short video of our christmas tree,uploaded on 11/12/2012,started videotaping on 11/8/2012. Check out my 2 year old kitten in tree!

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving season

Well the thanksgiving season is here in the usa,Jack Vale who created the pooter has 3 videos of "The farting turkey" He made the farting turkey in 2009,the farting turkey 2 in 2010 and the farting turkey 3 in 2011 and hopefully he will make one for 2012!
Check them out!For a great laugh!

Trampoline dodgeball?

Trampoline dodgeball?Click the link and watch the video!Looks like fun I want to try it!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank god today is November 6,2012

Thank god today is November 6,2012. It is the presidential election day here in the Usa. The 2 candidates are incumbent Barack Obama and candidate Governor Mitt Romney. Myself and my kids are really sick of the ads.You see them everywhere,on tv,radio,internet,yard signs etc.........The results cannot come fast enough!I personally think Barack Obama is doing an OK job. I will not get into details,but you MUST admit he did take office when the usa was collapsing. So if you are like us and SICK of it all,it all comes to an end tonight and we will not see it again until 2015. Whatever the outcome,GOD BLESS THE USA! ~Pinhead the GeeK
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